sharepoint email column creation


To install this product, you need to access this AppSource page. Before you actually buy it, you can have a trail for 15 days. As for the steps how to buy it, you can get more details from this doc from Microsoft.
Entry point for Excel Import

Entry Point

After the installation is finished, you may start using it. To access this add-in, you need to find its entrance on the list menu for the list into which you want to import data.
select excel file

Select Excel File

  1. After you can open this add-in, you can see the list name and the count of items in it. Below that area, you can find a spot where you can select the excel file you need, either by drag and drop or using the button "select file".
  2. If the file has multiple sheets, you may need to select one of them before going forward. The screenshot on the left side showing how to pick a sheet.
fields mapping


  1. After you selected your sheet, you can see a preview of the data on the right side of the page.
  2. In the area of "Columns Mapping", you can create a map between columns from the excel file and the columns from your SharePoint list. And here is a list of the column type we support,
    1. Single Line of Text
    2. Multiple Lines of Text
    3. Number
    4. Yes/No
    5. Person(Need to use the user's display name)
    6. Date
    7. Choice
    8. Hyperlink
    9. Currency
data importing

Data Import and Revert

  1. After all the configuration is set up, you may start importing. And during the process, the page is going to show you the progreass on a popup dialog. And whenever there is an error happed, you can see the failed rows on this popup dialog. And if you hover your mouse on the failed item, you may see the error message explaining why it was failed. The apperance of the failed ones does not stop the importing.
  2. And at the current moment, once the importing started, you have to wait until it is done. But after the importing is finished on all the items, you can see a button called "Revert". With this button, you can delete the items you just imported.
  3. During the process of importing, there is no button for you to stop this process. But you can do so by close or refresh this page, but it means you lost the posibility to delete the items you just imported with the "Revert" button we provided.

Purchase and License

This add-in is being published on the SharePoint Store, so you can easily to buy and install it from your SharePoint site.

The license mechanism is very simple, we provide only farm license. Which means you only need to buy 1 license for one SharePoint farm, no matter how many users are going to use it, for the whole farm (tenancy, if it is SharePoint Online).