We understand that privacy is very important for any person, as a software provider, we have duty to help our comstomer to protect their privacies, Therefore we want to make a statement about our privacy policy, and this statement applies to all the products developed by BluePower Solutions.

What information we collect?

The only information we got is the purchasement you made. The details we can get including the name of your organization, and the country and State/Province. Fo other informations, like your email address, name, phone numbers, if you bought our products from Microsoft Office Store, they are not provided at all.

During the runtime of our products, we do have the chance to get the email address or other informations exposed by the SharePoint Profile services. But we are not collecting any of them. SharePoint add-in has its own machanism to protect SharePoint add-ins from sends information to third-party servers. Actually, the only remote address our products will access is a web service provided by Microsoft to check the license you are using.

Updating this statement

Bluepower Solutions may update this statement with time changes, you should check this page occasinally to ensure you are familiar with any changes. In the case you have contacted us with emails, we will send emails to you about the changes we made on privacy policy.

Contact us

If you have any questions rearding privacy at any time, you are more than welcome to contact us via email.