sharepoint email column creation


After you installed SharePoint Email Column, you are able to get new options in the SharePoint field list. If you want to create a new SharePoint email field to hold email adresses in your SharePoint list, all you need to do is choose this option.
sharepoint email column settings


On the Setting page, there are certain things you can do:
  1. Put the most desired email domains into a list. When end users are typing, they will get a list of options with these domain names.
  2. You can remove one item from this SharePoint list by double-cliking on the item.
  3. By checking "Only the emails with above addresses are allowed" you can restrict the SharePoint field value to the domain list.
  4. You can convert exsiting Single Line Text column into a SharePoint Email column.
sharepoint email column auto-completion

Domain Information Auto-completion

When end users are typing, the SharePoint email field will show a list of emails with pre-defined domain names for you. You can choose the one you want by moving the focus with the "Up" and "Down" button on your keyboard.
sharepoint email column validation

Email Address Validation

By default, SharePoint email column will validate the user's input. This validation guarantees only the email address in the right format can be saved.


SharePoint Email Column is available as a free, fully featured 30-day trial (1xFarm License with an unlimited number of end users).

Product License Price Operation
Email Column for SharePoint 2010, 2013 Farm, unlimited number of users $49